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Bridging gaps, exploring new frontiers


UCOF Fall Fashion Show

UCOF Fall Fashion Show is a platform to encourage fashion designers and retailers of diverse multicultural and ethno-cultural backgrounds to partner with each other, business organizations, government agencies and members of the community to foster multiculturalism, intercultural engagement and increased collaboration in New Brunswick.


These individuals are contributing immensely to the local economy through their talents and expertise but would do much more when their potential is harnessed towards the advancement of a more culturally diverse, enlightened and empowered province. As a result of the influx of immigrants and consequent growing diversity of our province, we are committed to organizing this event as an annual cultural festival.

"We rise by lifting others. An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.”  
 – Lydia M. Child

nominate a tailor shop

  • Acknowledge a local tailor/seamstress that delivers excellent service in your community.

  • Applaud and recognize local talents for their amazing work and service by nominating them today.  


  • Enhance your brand presence 

  • Connect with driven entrepreneurs to grow your business

  • Discover creative talents to hire 

  • Make a difference supporting local BIPOC-owned business

a Volunteer

a participant

  • See what it takes behind-the-scenes to run a fashion show 

  • Get the first look at the latest styles from your favourite local designers

  • Find potential job opportunities to get started in the fashion industry 

  • Enjoy the runway show together with other fashion fans

  • Showcase your latest designs to fashion-focused buyers 

  • Meet potential investors and business partners 

  • Expand recognition in your brand’s style 

  • Get exclusive access to our fashion business training/mentoring program

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