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Meet our Fashion Designers

Explore the creative minds behind the UCOF Fall Fashion Festival. From designers to retailers, these talents redefine fashion's landscape. Discover their unique perspectives and contributions that make this event exceptional. Join us in celebrating their artistry and dedication as we bring you a memorable fashion experience.

Bianca Moreira.jpeg

Bianca Mozer

Atelier Bianca Mozer


  • Instagram

Bianca Moreira Mozer, a Brazilian fashion designer now residing in Canada, is known for her vibrant yet minimalist designs that blend casual and elegant elements, influenced by her Brazilian heritage. Her distinctive style encompasses techniques like printing, embroidery, and appliqué. With a decade of experience since 2012, she has crafted bespoke bridal dresses and gowns under her own label. Recently earning her fashion design diploma from NBCCD, her journey includes a debut collection showcased at the NBCCD Annual Fashion Show, with plans to explore outerwear, expand her audience, and foster collaborations in the future.

Ibukunoluwa Taiwo Ishioye.jpg

Ibukunoluwa Taiwo Ishioye

Teebanj Fashion World


    Ibukunoluwa Taiwo Ishioye, a Nigerian native with an Accounting background, transformed her passion for fashion into the embodiment of Teebanj Fashion World. As the company's founder, a certified fashion designer, and consultant, she weaves together artistry and culture. Specializing in African prints, crafts resplendent ready-to-wear garments, beautifying individuals across continents. With a fervent devotion to her craft, introduced a medley of Africa's finest fabrics - Ankara, Lace, Adire, and Aso Oke - even orchestrating Aso Ebi ceremonies in Nigeria and Canada. Her reverence for African heritage led her to unify communities through her enchanting creations, whilst igniting empowerment by mentoring aspiring youth talents of RCCG  Corner Stone Church in Moncton Canada basics of sewing. In Canada, she reverently celebrates the tapestry of African culture.

    Rukky tee Design Photo_edited.jpg

    Rukayat Olaniyir

    Rukkytee Designs

    Saint John

    • Instagram

    My name is Rukayat Olaniyi, The Founder of Rukkytee Designs, a fashion designer, pattern maker and trainer. I studied Surveying and Geoinformatics at a University in Nigeria. I am pleased to have designed and made clothes (African attire and ready-to-wear/bespoke) for a lot of people within and outside of Canada. I have also trained people on how to make patterns and dresses


    Adeola Oludipe

    L’aporche Jewelry


      Adeola Oludipe presents L'aporche Jewelry, a brand characterized by her genuine passion for unique pieces that tell captivating stories. As a Nigerian immigrant based in Moncton, NB, she embraces Canada's cultural diversity and inclusion. Her carefully curated collection showcases diverse styles and aesthetics, offering handpicked jewelry that blends beauty, fashion, and craftsmanship, aiming to enhance personal style and evoke emotions. From necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, her pieces become part of individual identities, celebrating uniqueness and inviting visitors to explore the transformative power of jewelry at her booth.

      Theophile Mbemi.jpg

      Theophile Mbemi

      Artist and Cultural Promoter

      Saint John

        My name is Theophile Mbemi  Youssi, known as Okõloh Matabith, Cameroonian directly from Cameroon since 28 June 2023... I am partially defined myself as a Artistical and Cultural Promoter. I want to promote, in SaintJohn NB, Canada, handy crafts objects , traditionals outfits and others items from Cameroon and neighbouring countries 

        Victoria Ajoke Popoola.jpeg

        Victoria Ajoke Popoola

        Vay Atelier


        • Instagram

        My name is Victoria Ajoke Popoola, the Creative director at Vay Atelier located in Lagos, Nigeria  and Moncton, Canada. We are a contemporary brand that caters for Bridals , bespoke and custom pieces for both men and women. This brand was birthed out of the necessity to give the ultimate pleasure that comes with wearing what you love. Distance is not a barrier, we deliver worldwide. 


        Hebatalla Mohamed

        Women's Zone

        Saint John

        • Instagram
        • Facebook

        Hebatalla Mohamed is the accomplished founder and proprietor of Women's Zone, a prominent hijab brand showcased on, recognized as one of the leading names in Atlantic Canada. Beyond her thriving business management, Hebatalla finds immense fulfillment in her role as a mother, nurturing three remarkable children. Her innate social spirit drives her active involvement in her community, as she dedicates her time to volunteer work and effecting positive change. Hebatalla's unwavering dedication to both her brand and community stands as a remarkable source of inspiration for all who encounter her endeavors.


        Eva Ogunbode

        J-Olam Trendyz 


        • Instagram

        Established in 2018 by visionary entrepreneur Eva Ogunbode, who holds a master's degree in Geography from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Diploma in Systems Management and Cyber Security from Oulton College, New Brunswick, J-Olam Trendyz shines as a dynamic force in fashion, skillfully merging tradition and modernity. Serving as a symbol of both consistency and innovation, J-Olam Trendyz, under Eva's leadership, has emerged as a prominent name and trailblazer in the global fashion scene. Each creation echoes Africa's spirit, infusing tradition, modernity, and boundless creativity into its narrative.


        Mr. Abdulkadir

        Kaka Fashion

        Saint John

          Meet Mr. Abdulkadir, a talented designer with roots in both Somalia and Kenya. Specializing in men's fashion, he brings his creative prowess to life through his brand "Kaka Fashion."With a unique blend of influences from two diverse cultures, his designs reflect a harmonious fusion of styles, making each piece a true work of art.

          Fadhlat Ibironke Shodipe-Olaide,.jpg

          Fadhlat Ibironke Shodipe-Olaide

          Abaya and Accessories by Agbeke

          Saint John

          • Instagram

          Fadhlat Ibironke Shodipe-Olaide, a resilient individual from Nigeria, embodies perseverance and excellence. Her diverse experiences in Canada since 2021 have nurtured her into a globally minded professional with a thirst for knowledge.

          Discover Abaya and Accessories by Agbeke, a brand transcending cultural fashion boundaries. Founded by Fadhlat Ibironke Shodipe-Olaide, it embodies elegance and diversity. With Nigerian roots and a global perspective, Agbeke celebrates cultural fusion through its offerings.

          Ijeoma Onuoha.jpeg

          Ijeoma Onuoha

          Touch by AsoebiGirl

          Saint John

          • Instagram

          Meet Ijeoma! Passionate traveler, avid shopper, and culinary enthusiast, Ijeoma finds solace in the tranquility of the beach. With a warm smile and an unwavering commitment to her craft, she has spent the last five years delighting customers with her tailor-made outfits.

          Ijeoma's business, Touch by AsoebiGirl, is dedicated to fulfilling the fashion needs of women. Whether through bespoke creations or ready-to-wear collections, she ensures her clients shine with confidence. Ijeoma's passion lies in working with colorful and vibrant prints sourced locally in Nigeria, adding a spring to every customer's step.

          Inna Janes.jpg

          Inna Janes

          Inna's Design

          Saint John

          • Facebook

          Inna Janes, a recent arrival to New Brunswick along with her husband, holds a degree from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, having graduated from the Fashion Design and Dressmaking program. Rooted in creativity, her designs draw inspiration from her spiritual connection, nature, art, and travel experiences. With a preference for natural fibers, Inna embraces the belief in inherent beauty within everyone. Versatile in her approach, she showcases a penchant for diverse colors and styles, aiming to guide her clients in discovering their individualistic fashion expression. 


          Marilyn Nwogu Ndubueze

          One Stop Tailoring Place

          Saint John

            Marilyn is the founder of One Stop Tailoring Place, astonishing her clients with masterpieces; restoring their confidence and making their dream come true, creating a unique fashion style to set a fashion standard in the society.

            She is a creative artist, trendsetter, fashion designer; with over ten years experience in modelling. Having studied Fine and Applied Art with Textile Design as her specialization at Imo State University in Nigeria, has through hard work been able to combine her artistry excellently with fashion illustrations.

            Her works are simply made with eccentric and extraordinary pieces out of nature and imagination to create a style statement, excellently done in reconstructed eloquence, customizing and artistic panorama with precision to create a distinctive personality.

            Tioluwanimi Ekunola.JPG

            Tioluwanimi Ekunola



            • Instagram

            My name is Tioluwanimi Ekunola, the Chief Executive Director of Seshcollections.
            Seshcollections is a fashion outfit with specialty in designing children's clothes and accessories.
            I am a graduate of Microbiology and I found my passion in creating good fashion for ladies as a teenager with stringing beads as neck laces , earrings and bracelet. My mum helped with marketing theses beads and my passion, turned small business was doing pretty well until I joined the University as an undergraduate and I had to stop so as to concentrate on my studies. I couldn't but continue my passion by ordering jewelleries from China and I started in the year 2017.
            After my undergraduate studies, I decided to pursue a fashion designing training to actualise my dream for creating beautiful designs. In the course of the training I found my niche for creating and designing clothes for children.  
            SESH collections have designed over 100 beautiful dress for children between ages 0 and 14 with deliveries world wide and we continue to evolve. 

            Wendi Mitchell.jpg

            Wendi Mitchell

            SECOND GLANCE


            • Instagram

            Wendi Mitchell is a fashion designer from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. She recently graduated from the Fashion Design program at NBCCD. Her future plans include launching her own line of sophisticated office and evening wear for the career woman.


            Elena Luciani

            Elena Luciani

            Saint John

            • Facebook

            Elena Luciani, a seasoned designer with an impressive 45 years of sewing experience and a thriving sewing circle. Having mentored over 30 students who have transitioned into accomplished fashion designers and seamstresses, Elena's journey began at the tender age of 11 when she crafted her first apron under her grandmother's guidance. Her passion for sewing led her to formal education, including studies at the school of modeling, sewing, and fashion design at 16, followed by a degree in Design Engineering. With a rich background as an international lecturer and involvement in significant projects, Elena currently collaborates with United Colours of Fashion, imparting her expertise and teaching individuals how to construct basic patterns and innovate clothing styles.


            Nancy Bonilla


            Saint John

            • Instagram

            Nancy Bonilla, a Mexican fashion designer born in 1989, channels her family's sewing tradition and early creative endeavors to fuel her passion for design. After formal studies in pattern making, a year in France attending Paris Fashion Week, and a degree in Design and Fashion Business Development, she founded Depanik, a collective hosting fashion shows, art exhibits, and concerts. Amid challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, she persists in her unwavering dedication to her project, Nancy Bonilla Atelier, specializing in crafting exquisite dresses and garments for diverse occasions.


            Winnie Nabakooza

            Winnie Creations

            Saint John

              Winnie Nabakooza, an aspiring designer hailing from Uganda, has embraced a transformative
              journey in Canada. Introduced to UCOF by Christine during her time at PRUDE Inc, Winnie's passion for sewing found its outlet. Under Elena's mentorship, her skills progressed from
              mending garments to crafting original designs. Through UCOF, Winnie not only refined her abilities but also envisioned a future of self-sufficiency, creating household linens and children's clothing. Her journey embodies UCOF's commitment to nurturing talents and fostering creative growth.

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