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Showcase your latest designs to fashion-focused buyers

The runway is where you can get valuable feedback from people who truly appreciate fashion. Test out your designs and turn appreciation into purchases.

Meet potential investors and business partners

It’s a networking where your designs are the pitch. Talk with fashion industry stakeholders or fellow designers who see your potential and want to help grow your fashion business.

Expand recognition in your brand’s style

250+ guests is a lot of views on what you can do. This is where you get to establish your brand’s public image by laying out a clear vision of what your style is all about.

Get exclusive access to our fashion training/mentoring program

Not only will you be featured in the fashion show, but you will also be automatically enrolled in our training/mentoring program. Learn from industry experts so you can discover ways to take your fashion business to the next level.


Meet UCOF Fall Fashion Show 2021 Participants

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