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Fashioning Hope: UCOF's Inspiring Christmas Makeover Project

During the last holiday season, the United Colours of Fashion (UCOF) team kindled a flame of warmth and hope with its Christmas Makeover Project, an initiative that has emerged as a beacon of human kindness and the power of community involvement.

At the heart of this initiative was Tre Miller, who had endured the severe challenges of homelessness and addiction. Collaborating with Sam Melanson of the Saturday Night Outreach Program and Steve Mealing of Port City Barbershop, the UCOF team aimed to do more than just alter Miller’s physical appearance with a haircut, a pair of pants and a Kaima Designs’ Cheta hoodie. We aimed to rekindle his inner resilience that life’s hardships had overshadowed. The project served as a source of hope, showcasing the impact of compassion and support for both Miller and the entire community.

This collaboration between UCOF and its partners led to an unforgettable experience. It provided Miller with the opportunity to have a new haircut and stylish outfit, but more importantly, it restored his sense of self-worth and belonging. The project went beyond just making things look better. It showed that we respect and truly care about some vulnerable community members. This initiative not only shed light on Miller's personal journey but also underscored the pivotal role played by Dan Scott, his childhood friend, who took him off the street and steered him toward recovery. 

UCOF envisions this project as the start of a wider movement where fashion merges with community service to drive social change. The Christmas Makeover Project is a testament to the idea that each act of kindness, however small, contributes to a greater collective impact. It signifies a step toward a future in which organizations like UCOF are instrumental not just in fashion, but in fostering community empowerment and social responsibility.

Dan's timely intervention served as a catalyst, and we are optimistic that his noble act will inspire community support and galvanize a collective commitment to embracing more comprehensive strategies for addressing homelessness within our city and extending beyond its borders.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sam Melanson, Steve Mealing, and Dan Scott for their acts of kindness and for serving as sources of inspiration for Tre Miller. Through their compelling personal stories, they have motivated him to strive towards becoming a better version of himself.

We plan to partner with more organizations to expand the reach of more makeover projects throughout the year.

Project Team

Special thanks to the UCOF team responsible for the Christmas Makeover Project below:

Morris Etatuvie - Media Coordinator

Sochi Azuh - Social Media Coordinator

Richard Ajalie - Volunteer

Rufina Ajalie - Welfare 

Keziah Akagwu - UCOF Project Coordinator

Christine Eruokwu - Project Lead

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