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Lorraine Watkins

My Journey with UCOF

This past year, I was introduced to UCOF, and I am beyond thrilled to once again be able to introduce others to the world of sewing. I am amazed at how quickly these ladies have taken my meager teachings and stretched themselves to produce amazing results. Their eagerness to succeed has taken them from picking up a hand-sewing needle for the first time on October 29th to producing gifts for others and for sale by December 18th!

Culture and language have not been the expected barrier as genuine love and respect for each other always overcome such obstacles.


I am eagerly preparing for our next challenge and I am expecting amazing things in 2022.

I give thanks to UCOF team, Christine and Lakshmi for allowing me the priviledge of sharing my dreams with others.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect via email at

      My Story

      Throughout my childhood, I was tutored by my mother's and grandmothers' hands to learn the basics of cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting and sewing from three of the world's best.

      Adult life, with my husband, Nelson, brought varied careers but the one common factor was always my stress-relieving “go-to” – handicrafts. I was always wanting to try out something new, and share that knowledge with others.


      Children and grandchildren brought new sewing challenges – from diapers through Hallowe'en costumes to a wedding dress – a steep learning curve indeed! It was during this time that I was introduced to quilting, making my first quilt in 1984. Sixteen years later, I taught a Beginner Sewing course, and one of my students won First Prize at Old Home Week for her very first quilt!


      On moving to Saint John, my “dream job” became available, and seven years at Fabricville broadened my skills in the home decor, fashion and quilting worlds, and reinforced my love of sharing knowledge with others.

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